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Asking questions when interviewing for a job

Employers like to be interviewed too!

Proper and adequate preparation will assist you in formulating your questions.
Prior to your interview, research the company!

A. General Questioning Guidelines

  • Have a list
  • Don't cross examine
  • Focus your questions on the job
  • Ask questions that require an explanation
  • Don't interrupt!

B. Interest Questionsare job relevant
and show your interest in:

  • The job opportunity
  • The company
  • Its products and services
  • People-subordinates, peers, superiors

C. Job Satisfaction Questions testify to your motivation to do the job and focus on:

  • Meaningful Work (the importance of the job)
  • Your responsibilities and accompanying authority
  • Recognition for superior performance
  • Career Potential

D. Past Performance Questions serve a dual purpose: they enable you to avoid making a wrong decision and help sell your candidacy. They concentrate on:

  • People who previously held the position
  • Their performance
  • Where they are today

E. Sales Questions enables you to determine the kind of person the employer wants to hire in terms of:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Future Performance
  • Personality
When you understand the kind of person the employer wants to hire, you can then say:
    "I can do the job you want done because I've done it before and I've done it well."
Or describe your compensating assets and/or education.

F. Ask for the Job!
"I can do what you want done and I want the job!"

G. Avoid Questions Relating to:

  • Salary
  • Fringes
  • Vacations
  • Retirement
Until the job is offered and you accept.

After the Interview

Call your Recruiter immediately after the interview and communicate what transpired. The recruiter will want to talk with you before the interviewer calls back. If you are interested in the position, your recruiter will help you get it.

By following these principles and working closely with your Account Manager, you will be able to effectively evaluate your opportunities and secure the job that fulfills your objectives.

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