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How To Answer Questions When Interviewing For A Job

Your answers to questions that employers ask will influence the hiring decision. When answering questions, follow the Question Answering Rule:

Answer every question in terms of your background or qualifications or in terms of the job to be filled.

The four types of questions employers ask:

1. "Tell me about yourself" means: "Tell me about your qualifications."
Pre-plan a five to ten-minute answer, so you are prepared when the question is asked.
  • Describe your education
  • Mention each of your jobs in terms of accomplishments or performance indicators
State your educational background, work credentials, and qualifications. Be concise and brief.

2. Personality questions attempt to determine if you have the qualities being sought:

    "What kind of a manager are you?"
    "Are you creative?"
    "Can you do this job?"
Answer personality questions in terms of the obvious answer supported by past or present experience as proof of your claim.

3. Motive questions attempt to determine of you will enjoy doing the job.

"Describe your ideal job."
"Would you prefer to work for a large or small company?"
"What did you like most/least about your last job?"
Answer motive questions by again following the Question Answering Rule. Answer in terms of your qualifications or the job to be filled.

  • Don't be vague
  • Be specific
  • Be emphatic
4. Salary Questions
When asked the salary you desire, say I'm presently earning $______ and although I expect an increase, I don't know enough about the opportunity as of yet.

B. Prepare your answers to tough questions:
Most tough questions will focus on:

  • Reasons for leaving
  • Quality of performance

In Summary:
Follow the Question Answering Rule -- answer every question in terms of your background and qualifications or in terms of the job to be filled.

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