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Step 2: Candidate Interviewing Strategy

The elements of an effective strategy for handling the employment interview can be summarized as follows:

  1. Being properly and adequately prepared requires you to:
    • Inventory all responsibilities you've performed
    • Evaluate how well you carried out your duties
  2. Interviewing deportment will take care of itself when:
    • You are adequately and properly prepared
    • You strive to project eagerness and interest throughout the interview
    • Stay in character as a conversationalist by being yourself

  3. The “tough” questions that employers ask are best handled:
    • By being adequately and properly prepared
    • By never apologizing
    • By keeping your explanations brief and factual
    • By maintaining a constant interviewing demeanor
  4. To enjoy an interviewing advantage, prove your competency:
    • By stating how well you performed in the past
    • By letting your past achievements promise future contributions
    • By using the 1-2-3 mini-story technique: stating the problem; describing your solution; emphasizing the results

  5. Concluding the interview consists of:
    • Getting a "what-will-happen" summary
    • Accepting an offer on the spot if it's what you want
    • Always showing interest in all job offers
    • Immediately reporting your progress to your Account Executive
    • Writing a brief follow-up thank-you letter to the employer

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