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Our Search Process

Step One

Assignment specification/Competencies document produced.
(In-depth meeting between client and Account Manager)

Step Two
Second meeting with client to confirm that written specification is accurate so search can begin.

Step Three
Assignment of Project Team

Step Four
Project Team Briefing
A review of assignment specifications

Step Five
Search Plan Development
Project strategy and establishing and execution plan

Step Six
Source Potential Candidate
(Overseas Affiliates advised where appropriate)

Step Seven
Background investigations of potential candidates

Step Eight
Initial Reference Checks

Step Nine
Initial Screening

Step Ten
In-depth interview with suitable candidate by Account Manager

Step Eleven
Shortlisted candidates are presented to client

Step Twelve
Client interviews with Account Manager
Present if appropriate

Step Thirteen
Negotiation of offer, preparation for counter-offer Final confirmation of acceptance, start date.

Step Fourteen
Performance follow up at end of one, three and six months.

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